Video Post-Production Services

Video Translation and Subtitling Services

We guarantee a polished, professionally-edited, presentable video for any platform!

Once you shoot your video footage, then the real work begins! PA Localisation’s in-house team of experienced editors provides quick turnaround on our complete post-production services—as fast as 24 hours when required. We have edited numerous projects for clients worldwide, including corporate presentations, sizzle reels, social media content, electronic games, short films, documentaries, and more.

We guarantee that you will receive a polished, high-quality video that is ready to be published on whatever platform you wish!


Video Translation and Subtitling Services

Our Work Process

A dedicated production manager oversees your project from start to finish, facilitating rapid turnarounds. We use review and approval software to ensures that all feedback is incorporated efficiently and clearly, according to the client brief, and transfers smoothly between organisations. Our skilled editors and technicians utilise Adobe Premiere’s professional editing suite to edit your footage into a cohesive video, including titles, transitions, sound, languages, and color correction.

Video Translation and Subtitling Services include:

Translation and Subtitling
Give your video or computer game global appeal to help it reach the widest audience. Our in-house translation and subtitling department can replace existing speech with lip-synched dubbing in any language, as well as translating captions, titles and animated text in subtitle format.

Voice Over (Dubbing)
For projects that include narration, we will edit your raw video with voiceover, add it to your video file, and time-synchronise the recording to match the visuals.

Visual Effects
Infuse excitement into your video with animation and graphics! When combined strategically with live footage, animation can help explain difficult concepts or keep an information-heavy video engaging.

Colour Grading & Correction
We don’t neglect this often-overlooked post-production procedure. Our editors can expertly manipulate the colour of images in post-production to create the precise ‘look’ required by the client.

Extensive Sound Design
We’ll make your video as pleasing to hear as it is to watch. Our team provides a full range of professional sound editing options, such as mixing, sound effects, and music composition, for a seamless listening experience.

Produce captivating videos with the help of PA Localisation’s video translation and subtitling services.

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