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Going global means keeping your content local!
We can manage your website, software, and app localisation to address cultural variances.

Barely one quarter of the world’s estimated four billion internet users speak English, and that number is decreasing. One-fifth (and growing) are Chinese speakers, with Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian/Malaysian, French, Japanese, Russian, and German making up the remainder of the top 10 languages, according to

Companies of all sizes who want to successfully sell their products and programs internationally must do far more than simply translate their website content and assets into other languages. Because differing cultures, formatting conventions, colloquialisms, regulatory issues, and regional dialects can make communicating information to other countries a virtual minefield, using a software, website, and mobile app localisation agency is absolutely critical.

We are your full-service translation and localisation agency for the global marketplace. Our comprehensive marketing and website localisation services expand the lingual translation of written materials, documents, software, audio, mobile apps, and multimedia assets to integrate local and regional cultures, customs, government regulations, and other factors, ensuring clear, precise communication. As a specialised localisation agency, we architect the right localisation solution for you, whatever the size, whatever the format, whatever the locale.

Why You Need a Marketing Localisation Company

To succeed in the global marketplace, customer-facing website, software, and mobile app content localisation is an indispensable extension of the translation process. 

Translation by itself is not enough, because spelling, punctuation, and date formatting can differ from one country to the next within the same language. Consider such variations in English between the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, and South Africa, or in Spanish between Spain, Mexico, and South/Central American countries. 

When you also factor in regional variations of linguistic usage, the potential for mistakes becomes multiplied. Even the subtlest language errors and cultural miscommunications can not only be costly revenue-wise, but may also negatively impact an organisation’s credibility, reputation, and legal standing—especially if errors directly or indirectly cause accidents or physical harm to people following mistranslated instructions.

With our state-of-the-art technology and extensive global network of language specialists, including those native to the target countries, PA Localisation is a premium translation and localisation agency with the proven capability to adapt your product/service copy, website content, software, mobile apps, and other multimedia assets so seamlessly that it appears they were created in each specific region where you are marketing them.

Six-Step Mobile App and Software Localisation Process

The PA Localisation company’s approach to translating and localising software programs and mobile app interfaces involves a rigorous 6-step process:

  1. First, the client needs to export all user-facing strings from the source code into resource files and send them to us.

  2. The project package (within the localisation kit) is created from those files for our translators.

  3. Next, we run it through pre-translation (if a translation memory already exists for that product).

  4. The assigned linguist translates the product into the target language.

  5. Quality Assurance is then performed to verify the content for:
    • Proper date and time formats corresponding to the target regions and locales.
    • Proper phone number and address formats.
    • Correct product names, to ensure that they correspond to company’s preference.
    • Correct currency formats.
    • Correct units of measurement.
    • Text direction (right to left or left to right).

  6. Lastly, the product is thoroughly reviewed through a desktop publishing (DTP) application to ensure that:
    • All text-containing images are localised.
    • The layout matches that of the original.
    • Hyphenation and line breaks are properly implemented across the screens.
    • There is no overflowing or cropped text (e.g., text on buttons).

Our Website Localisation Technology

For websites and other content-related assets, we utilize a cloud-based, all-in-one collaborative translation management portal that allows us to keep each project on track, streamline the website localisation process, and deliver translations for global content three times faster than traditional processes, at considerably less cost. This robust portal integrates smoothly with the world’s top website and e-commerce platforms, including: 

• Magento – Which powers more than 14,000 of the internet’s e-commerce stores worldwide. 

• Drupal – The most technically advanced content management system (CMS), chosen by many corporations. 

• WordPress – Has 60% of the global CMS market, from small to large businesses.

Our versatile professional team can also perform detailed audio and video localisation for voiceovers, graphics, and more (see Video Post-Production Services).

In addition, we have veteran linguists with expertise in managing even the most demanding localisation projects, such as translating to Asian characters, scripts, and cultures. 

Whether you are a small business launching your website in a new country or a global software or mobile app marketer that wants to fine-tune its cultural sensitivity for enhanced sales, we will provide expert localisation for your assets so you can communicate your message effectively in any region.

Adapt your content for international audiences with PA Localisation!

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