Quality Assurance

Translation Quality Assurance at PA Localisation consists of two levels of quality review.

First, we carry out an Automatic Quality Control using built-in QA tools and check the text for possible translation mistakes. If and when any mistake is recognised, we create error statistics to give structured feedback to our linguists to fix the issue.

Second, we carry out Desktop Publishing QA to fit the translated text into the desired format. If what we are dealing with is a website, software or a mobile app, our multimedia team makes sure that there aren’t any cropped or overflowing text which is a common problem in content localisation.

PA Localisation’s team of highly trained translators, editors and proofreaders are dedicated to producing an excellent finished product exactly to your specifications, reliably on time and on-budget. They:

  • Are native speakers of the target language
  • Have sufficient linguistic qualifications
  • Deeply understand your subject area(s)
  • Possess intimate knowledge of different cultures

Our Typical Translation Workflow

  1. Dedicated project manager performs content assessment of the client’s source documents for assignment to appropriate translators.
  2. Documents are translated by the assigned translator(s).
  3. Translated documents are viewed by an editor and compared to source materials to ensure accuracy and consistency in use of language.
  4. Edited documents are reviewed by a proofreader for grammar and punctuation.
    Unlike other translation service providers, we provide proofreading and editing as part of our standard translation pricing.
  5. Texts that pass through our translation process are determined to be of distribution quality. We return the translated document in the same file format and page formatting as the submitted source material.

Considering your current and ongoing business needs, we may recommend using Customised Machine Translations (CMT) to provide cost-effective, automated translations. We will assist you in identifying what type of content is viable for CTM and provide in-house Quality Assurance of both human and CTM translations to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy.

For CMT translations, after Step 2, we pre-translate using a CAT Machine Translation plug-in, creating a package for translators to see both the source and MT output side-by-side for editing. When complete, the project manager runs an internal QA review for consistency, omissions, fluency, and layout, before delivering the final translated document.

That’s what PA Localisation’s rigorous quality assurance process looks like to maintain quality.

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